Paolo Di Canio Ready to Use Own Money to Keep Players at Swindon

Anto11 January 8, 2013 0

di canio

Swindon manager Paolo Di Canio was always a winner as a player and it seems this characteristic hasn’t diminished since becoming a manager so much so that the little Italian is ready to pay the wages of three on-loan players, Tottenham’s John Bostock, Norwich’s Chris Martin and Charlton’s Danny Hollands so he can keep them despite being cut off by his chairman from any further funds. From the BBC:

Di Canio was told by Robins chairman Sir William Patey he would not be given extra funds in January.

“I will put my own money in to keep them,” said the Town boss.

“I will spend £20,000 or £30,000 and put my money in to keep them for as long as we can, because I care and I want to win. I’m sure with them we have more chance to win.”

“I’m not going to start selling my houses in Italy, but I want to keep those players,” Di Canio told BBC Radio Wiltshire.

“When I die I will have a bit less money but will have the victory as a manager.

“I’ve spent big money on solicitors in the past; you can imagine what I would spend on my players.”

Maybe Arsene Wenger may take a leaf out of the Italian’s book to keep er? sorry their gone.

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